Why blog?

So, why am I starting a blog? With a full-time job and two active kids, I need another timesuck in my life like a fish needs a bicycle. (two points to anyone who can name the reference) But I’m doing it anyway, because each time I read an article on women and jobs and families and choices, I have two basic responses:

1) How come they never talk about the men?
2) I could have written that.

I remember as far back as when I was a teenager reading Anna Quindlen’s columns for the NY Times, and wanting her job. Well, the beauty of the computer age is that anyone can pretend to have a column — and if you’re lucky, someone who isn’t related to you might even read it.

I’m also hoping that the journal-like nature of a blog will help overcome my natural inclinations to: a) try to include everything I’ve ever thought about a subject in a single article and b) edit obsessively, which when put together make it near impossible for me to ever finish a project that doesn’t have an external deadline.

2 Responses to “Why blog?”

  1. Russ Says:

    It’ll be interesting to get a working mom’s take on parenting, choices, at-home dads and all. I’m looking forward to your posts, and welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Marjorie Says:

    Gloria Steinem

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