Odds and ends

I’ve been staying up too late watching baseball, so today’s post is just a few links to things that have caught my eye recently.

I’m praying for Margaret Hassan, the director of CARE in Iraq, who was kidnapped on Tuesday by persons unknown. May she be released safely and soon.

The Tampa Tribune ran an editorial today, explaining why they’re not endorsing Bush. THis is newsworthy because they’re very conservative, and haven’t endorsed a Democrat since 1948. (They also declined to endorse Goldwater in 1964.)

I’m totally obsessing about the election, so I’ve been checking electoral-vote.com every day. Remember, the national polls don’t mean a thing; it’s the electoral college that counts.

I recently read Jason Lute’s Berlin: City of Stones. It’s a graphic novel, set in Weimar Germany, and it’s heartbreaking.

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