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I confess, I watched the "liberal lesbian v. conservative Christian" Wife Swap this week.  It was about as painful as I expected it to be.  Shannon at Waiting for Nat sums up everything that was wrong with it in her terrific post "you can’t pray a lie" and also notes that Kris Gillespie is running for Texas State Senate.  Yikes. (The idea that being on reality tv is good publicity for running for office is a pretty scary notion in itself.)

That said, I do think the two families actually learned something from eachother, which wasn’t the case on the other couple of episodes of the show I’d seen before.  The Gillespies did seem to be more encouraging of their daughter’s interest in art, and  Nicki Boone did say she was going to spend more one-on-one time with Lizzie (her version of the "Princess day").


I’m bummed that Kris and Jon didn’t win The Amazing Race.  But I’d rather have their relationship and no money, than Freddy and Kendra’s and the million dollars. 

Supposedly Jonathan and Victoria are going to be on Dr. Phil’s primetime special on Tuesday.  I’ve picked it on the TiVo, but am not sure I’ll watch it.  I’m confident that Dr. Phil will give Jonathon the dressing down he so richly deserves.  But I’m not sure I want to spend another minute more of my life paying attention to that creep.

CBS has opened its casting call for Amazing Race 8, which is going to feature teams of four, who have to be "family" (broadly defined).   T. and I have been joking for months about what it would be like to do this with our kids, but they’re limiting it to 12 and older.

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  1. Laura Says:

    I’m a big Amazing Race fan too. Pretty disappointed about Kris and Jon too. Kendra totally annoyed me–especially that “they keep breeding” comment. We thought–briefly–about applying for the 8th race, but we’re not eligible yet. We’re also recording the Dr. Phil episode. I know what you mean about not wanting to spend time with them anymore. They wear me out.

  2. Wayne Says:

    My wife and I were rooting for Kris and Jon, big time, and were also disappointed when Kendra “I hate third world breeders” and Freddy won. We didn’t watch the Dr. Phil special, either, because I can’t imagine anything happening that wouldn’t be utterly predictable.
    Some reality show contestants are fun to watch and hate. Jonathan and Victoria, I just hated to watch.

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