Conference on 21st century motherhood

The owner of the MAWDAH email list (moms at work/dads at home) received an announcement about an academic conference this fall on "21st century motherhood: change."

They’re looking for papers to be presented for panels on:

  • Economics
  • Work/Family Balance
  • Class/Race/Globalization
  • Biology/Fertility Technologies
  • Emergent/Innovative Forms of Motherhood

Abstracts due by May 15.

I’m tempted to try to pull something together on the MAWDAH arrangement, what I call Reverse Traditional Families.

I’m not an academic, so I’m not quite sure what goes into an abstract for a paper you haven’t yet written.  If any readers have advice, I’d appreciate it.  And, perhaps more importantly, am I crazy for thinking that this kind of conference might be fun?  I’d have to pay my own way/use vacation time to attend.

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  1. bitchphd Says:

    Basically you talk about what you’re planning to argue (or investigate), what your sources are, and why it matters. I sent you a copy of one of my recent abstracts so you can see. Having also put panels together, I’d say that the main thing is just to be clear: blog writing is a lot like abstracts, actually. Short, directed at an intelligent audience who may not know your field or project as well as you do, summarizing an argument.
    I think these kinds of things are fun, yeah, and you could learn a lot (and/or network… think, job possibilities?). Plus, could you apply for some kind of grant somehow? Or at least take a tax writeofff?

  2. karyn Says:

    I’ve commented here before, and being the wife member of a “Reverse traditional” parenting team, I think it’s great that you are considering presenting a paper on this topic. Absolutely I think it would be fun. I’ve presented numerous papers at conferences, but never on a topic so near and dear to my heart. I envy you (but sorry you have to use your own time and pay for it yourself)! I hope you’ll share your paper with us.

  3. ElizabethN Says:

    Ooh, that looks really interesting. I hope you will submit something, and that you will share it with us (at least post your abstract!).

  4. jo(e) Says:

    Oh, the keynote speaker is Natalie Angier. I’d love to hear her speak. I always find conferences like this fun.
    I think the most important thing after you write the abstract is to think of a cool title. That is what will get people to your session.

  5. Doug Says:

    Just remember, it’s critical to use the proper title format for academic papers:
    $Xing the $Y: $JARGON and $OTHER_JARGON the $NEOLOGISM

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