Global Trade

Last month, I finally managed to get my new Palm E2 to synch properly at work, and I wanted to get an extra HotSync cable so I wouldn’t have to keep carrying mine back and forth between home and office.  It ticked me off that Palm charges $24.99 for a basic cable, so I googled to see if I could find one for cheaper.  I soon found a company called Vavolo, which offers one for just $5.95, plus another $5.90 for shipping.  And theirs uses the USB port to charge the handheld, instead of requiring a separate cable and outlet.

It wasn’t until I went to check out that I realized that, even though the website is entirely in English, Vavolo is located is Hong Kong, and that the cable would be shipped to me directly from there.  I hesitated a minute, but decided to go ahead, since I wasn’t in a rush to get the cable.  I had found an online coupon worth $3, so the most I’d be out is $9, and I was curious to see what I’d get.

The package came today complete with interesting Hong Kong stamps.  The stamps totalled 17 HKdollars, or just over $US 2.  And the package claims that the cable was made in Japan, not Hong Kong or China.  I’m boggled that this business model is profitable.

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