Signs of fall

Even though it’s been in the high 90s until this week, the trees know that fall is on the way.  Nothing is turning colors yet, but there are more dead leaves on the street, and the acorns are starting to fall. 

Labor Day is in just two weeks, and then D’s preschool starts on Wednesday.  I hate the fact that our school schedule is set by King’s Dominion, but it still feels right for me that school doesn’t start until September.  The High Holidays aren’t until October this year, which throws off my mental calendar.

T’s been a real trooper having both boys home all day for most of the summer, but even his nerves are starting to fray a bit.  They’ve been watching more TV than usual, but I really can’t complain.  Given the heat, outdoor activities just aren’t reasonable in the afternoon, and crafts only entertain D for about 10 minutes at a time.

D will have preschool 5 mornings a week this year, up from 3 last year.  It feels like a big jump, in some ways bigger than the jump to 5 "full days" (8 to 2.15) in kindergarten next year.  I think N is going to miss having him around.  N is just a little too young for the 2s class at the preschool (just as he’ll be 2 weeks too young for kindergarten in 3 years).  There are programs in the area we could have enrolled him in, but the prospect of having the kids in different preschools was more than we could face.  T will take him to story hour at the library and stuff.

I’m always tempted to buy myself school supplies at this time of year.  There’s something about the call of an unmarked notebook.

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  1. Mel Says:

    Hi. I’m Mel and I’m addicted to new school supplies. :)

  2. landismom Says:

    School supplies rock. I’m channeling my desire to buy them for myself into the need to buy them for my daughter. Fortunately, she’s inherited my addiction.

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