L’shanah tovah

L’shanah tovah.

We didn’t get our act together to hire a babysitter for tonight, so our choices for services were either for me to go on my own while T stayed home with the boys, or for us all to go together and see how long the boys would last.  I like the idea of attending services as a family, but N lasted only about 20 minutes.  D lasted longer– over an hour — but that still meant we left in the middle of Avinu Malkeinu. 

My challah was something of a bust.  Someone told me that you could freeze the raw dough and let it defrost in the fridge before baking it, but I think the middle was still frozen when it went into the oven, and it never really cooked.  How long does it need to defrost?

I’ve got an apple and honey cake in the oven.  I don’t know how it will taste, but it smells awfully good.  It’s a bit of an experimental recipe — I started with the plum torte recipe from Marion Burros, but replaced the plums with apples and some of the sugar with honey.

May you be written in the book of life for a good and sweet new year.

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  1. amy Says:

    & l’shana tovah to you. Bit of a pnony we’re starting to have here.
    with any bread dough, you really want the whole thing to come to room temp or better before you bake it. Otherwise you’re going to get different parts of the bread rising at different rates in the oven. I’d say take it out the night before, let it warm up, then shape it and let it rise again before you bake.

  2. Phantom Scribbler Says:

    L’shanah tovah to you and your family, Elizabeth!
    Amy has good advice. You do want it to come to room temperature before you bake with it. Freezing and thawing is a good solution if there needs to be several days in between making the dough and baking it. But if you have time to make the dough the night before, you could refrigerate it after the first rise, and take it out the next morning. It won’t take that long to come to room temperature, and then you can braid it and give it the second rise.

  3. amy Says:

    I wonder how many people here also have amateur beer-brewing, winemaking, or other DIY high-end foodmaking going on at home. I’m starting to feel demographicky.

  4. Genevieve Says:

    L’shanah tovah to you and family, Elizabeth! (I forgot to make the child-care arrangements, too. The kiddo was pouty because he likes the child care and his friends were going to be there. Oh well, I’m getting him on the list for Yom Kippur.)

  5. Robin P Says:

    I still haven’t joined a temple!! We don’t have one in our town and the one I grew up in has really gone downhill.
    I want Lillianna to go to Shabbat services. I want religion back in my life. Lillianna is 8 and the last time she was in the temple was when she was 2 months old and we had a naming ceremony for her.
    Life was so chaotic this year that I didn’t even make taglach with Lillianna. My work schedule kept me too busy. I had better re-evaluate this stuff. I’m losing the important things!

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