Photo by Subhankar Banerjee from his Arctic Refuge Series.

I’m too tired and frustrated to write much about the end of year craziness in Congress (six hours after the reconciliation bill passed the House, we were still trying to figure out what exactly was in it), but I will encourage you to email or call your Senators asking them to oppose adding the ANWR drilling provision to the Defense bill.  This is a pure political move — its supporters know the bill couldn’t pass on its own, so are trying to attach it to a must-pass bill.

Here’s some background from the Sierra Club, and the link to an action alert from the Religious Action Center and one from the National Wildlife Federation.

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  1. dave s Says:

    I don’t see any particularly good reason to oppose drilling in ANWR. The environmental effects seem minor, it seems a good thing to get oil from a source that’s not hostage to events in the Middle East or Venezuela. It looks tonight like the Reeps will fail here, but I am sorry, not gleeful.

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