Happy International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, as well as Blog Against Sexism Day.  I started to write a post about what I mean when I call myself a feminist, but thought it was getting too wordy and not saying anything particularly interesting.  Instead I’m just going to share two links.

Neither one is explicitly about sexism or feminism, but they made me think of the old bumper sticker, Feminism is the Radical Belief that Women are People.  I’ve always assumed that the word "radical" in that was sarcastic, but reading these posts made me think about the ways in which the world would be different if we really did act as if everyone we encountered was fully human, as valuable as our loved ones.

2 Responses to “Happy International Women’s Day”

  1. Mieke Says:

    Dawn’s article is powerful and unflinching.

  2. amy Says:

    it’s sad, but the older I get, the less sarcastic the ‘radical’ sounds. All the persistent talk about women’s health, women’s issues, women’s sports, retaining women faculty and women doctors, etc., etc. As if we were some exotic, small subset of the population.

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