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As you might know, people in DC freak out when there’s even the slightest chance that it might snow.  Flurries in the western suburbs are enough to shut down the Fairfax schools for at least two days.  So I’m finding it somewhat amusing that it is rain that has wreacked more havoc than any snowstorm I’ve seen in the 10 years that I’ve lived in the area. 

The morning commute was just brutal today.  I left 20 minutes early because I had a 9 am meeting, and still got to work 15 minutes late.  And I was one of the lucky ones — most of my waiting was on the platform, rather than on an overcrowded train.  My boss left work early because her basement was flooded and there was water running out of the light fixtures in her kitchen.  Several federal office buildings and Smithsonian museums are closed.

(The lights have been flickering as I type.  My laptop has plenty of power, but the wireless network will go out if we lose electricity.)

I know the hardest rain was yesterday, but the most impressive electrical storm was Thursday night.  My bedroom is right under the roof, with two skylights, and it was unreal to watch.  I couldn’t fall asleep because it was so loud.  The boys slept right through it.


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  1. Angry Pregnant Lawyer Says:

    Thursday night was pretty freaky. (Our boy slept through it, too, thank goodness.) Our power flickers every now and then, but we haven’t lost it for any extended period of time (yet). Unfortunately, it’s supposed to keep raining for a few more days. I’m definitely sick of it.

  2. Mrs. Coulter Says:

    I’m worried about my house. We have a sump pump in the basement that has been able to handle heavy rains in the past, as long as the power stayed on (last summer we bailed at 2am in the dark a couple of times, until we spent $500 on a battery back-up system), but this is so much worse. My tenant says everything is fine, but I’m still worried…

  3. Julie Says:

    Love the picture of the boys! My Grandmother-in-law gave me that same umbrella and I get a lot of compliments on it. They don’t make the matching boots in my size though. :-)

  4. merseydotes Says:

    My dog is FREAKED OUT by the thunder and lightening. On Sunday night, when a loud clap or boom would wake me up, I glanced over at our poor retriever, who was sitting bolt upright wedged into the corner of our bedroom, watching the windows with wide eyes.
    A guy in my office who lives on Mason Neck was stranded there all day yesterday, as the police weren’t letting anyone off the peninsula.
    They say tonight is supposed to be worse.

  5. chip Says:

    too much rain!!
    When I lived in DC I was always very amused by all of the panic that even the prospect of a dusting of snow caused. But then again, if you have ever seen people who don’t know how to drive in snow or ice start doing it, it’s understandable…

  6. Lisa G Says:

    Those of us in Northern California know too well what havoc rain can cause…

  7. landismom Says:

    Wow, really? I didn’t realize it was so bad down there (and now I’m especially glad that I don’t have to go in this week). We’ve had some storms, but mostly it’s just the threat of rain, not big electrical things.

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