I did my first triathalon today, and I achievd all four of my goals.  I’m tired (had to get up at 5 in the morning), but don’t feel too bad overall — I have a feeling I may have trouble going down stairs in the morning though.

Someone asked me today what’s the appeal of doing a triathalon.  I have two answers, which are both true, although the balance between them varies:

  • Signing up for a race is a commitment device, a way of forcing myself to prioritize getting to the gym to swim or out on my bike for a ride.  Without a goal, it’s too easy to say "not today, I’m too tired to get up early," or "not today, it’s too hot out."  Once I get out the door, I generally enjoy it, but getting out the door often requires a kick in the pants.  Meeting someone for a workout is also a good commitment device, if you can find someone whose schedule and fitness level meshes well with yours.
  • Part of the appeal is precisely the fact that I wasn’t sure I could finish the race, that even lining up this morning terrified me.  I like pushing my limits, doing things that I’m not sure I can do, overcoming my fears. It makes me feel brave, and alive.  This morning I was walking around the set-up area saying to my friend "What am I doing here?  What ever made me think this was a good idea?" and I realized that what I was really saying was "Aren’t I brave for even trying to do this?  Isn’t this exciting?"

12 Responses to “Tri-umph!”

  1. Angry Pregnant Lawyer Says:

    A hearty congratulations!

  2. Mieke Says:

    Good for you!!!

  3. Jody Says:


  4. Jennifer Says:

    Congratulations! I hope it inspires you to many more…

  5. merseydotes Says:

    Congrats, Elizabeth. That is a HUGE accomplishment!

  6. jackie Says:

    Congratulations! I love the last bullet point especially– how brave of you for even attempting it, much less finishing it!

  7. trishka Says:

    brava to you, elizabeth!!!!! i don’t know how you manage to do all that you do — work full time, have two small children, volunteer, and to train for a triathlon on top of it. wow!

  8. Laura Says:

    Good job!!

  9. Phantom Scribbler Says:

    Amazing. Congratulations!

  10. Mykal Says:

    Way to go!!! I’ve done a few triathlons myself and I love the rewarding feelig of crossing the finish line and knowing you just finished a race.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    Congratulations!!! Were your boys at the finish line, cheering for their mom? I know you didn’t do this for them — but what a fantastic example!

  12. Lisa Says:

    From a frequent-reader-but-infrequent-commenter: CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve done Danskin and a few other local sprint-distance triathlons. I love the camaraderie as well as the feeling of accomplishment. And I loved this little onesie I picked up at my first Danskin for my then eighteen-month-old that said “My Mom Tris.” As Moving Comfort says: “a fit mom is a powerful mom.”

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