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We had N’s birthday party today.  For D, we had gotten away with having only family parties until last year, but since that put the idea of a "party" into N’s head, he would have been disappointed without one.  We had the sort of small-scale at-home party that everyone I knew had when I was growing up, and that is becoming less and less common in these parts.  Hullaballo, Pass the Parcel, pizza, cake, playdoh.  We invited the two other boys from his preschool class, of whom only one could come, and a family friend.  It was lovely.


And, even with such a small scale party, I’m exhausted.  I feel like I spent most of the weekend cleaning.  I don’t know the parents of N’s preschool classmates well, and was not willing to let their first impression be our usual level of benign chaos. (And even after the cleaning, I still worry that they think we’re slobs.)  At least three times today, D got overwhelmed by his frustration that N was getting all sorts of cool presents and he wasn’t and burst into tears.  It’s hard; I understand.

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  1. merseydotes Says:

    I always forget our kids have the same birthdays!
    We, too, forsook the big fancy party for the home-grown one, albeit one that had a strong air of marketing due to all the Chicken Little paper goods and decorations purchased. Kids decorated rooster-shaped sugar cookies (made ahead of time), played musical statues and took pictures in green Chicken Little glasses that we printed out with our photo printer and stuck on a poster board. We had grilled cheese, carrots and raisins for lunch, and a cake made and decorated by moi.
    I am exhausted too.

  2. Phantom Scribbler Says:

    Happy birthday to N!

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