Some craziness, some joy

I’ve heard some interesting stories lately about the complications that are arising because same-sex marriages are recognized in Canada and Massachusetts, but not the rest of the US. 

My dad got a letter to the editor published in the NY Times last week, in which he makes the argument that government should get out of the marriage business entirely.  As I wrote when Shannon made a similar argument last year, I think it’s an elegant solution in theory, but think that there are circumstances where government does need to treat two people who have made a family together differently from roommates.  So whether you call it marriage or not, the problem still exists.

But there is a power to the word "marriage" and to the legal piece of paper.  My friend Kristie put her wedding on YouTube.  The video is about a minute long, and makes me cry.

Freedom to Marry has an ad campaign out celebrating the 40th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia.  40 years from now, will the current mishmash of laws seem as bizarre as Virginia’s ban on interracial marriage does now?

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I second USAA!
    They gave Cole her own member number with nary a quibble when we decided to make them our main bank (they were mine before we were together).
    Go figure.

  2. Jody Says:

    Shannon, are you keeping baby-blog hours now?! (The internet: there for you whenever a baby takes a catnap….)
    To answer only the last question, God, I hope so. And I have to think so. Because it already seems insane NOW.

  3. Jackie Says:

    I absolutely think that the entire debate needs a separation between “marriage” and “union.” I had a courthouse ceremony with my boyfriend so I could be on his health insurance– we had a wedding to celebrate with our family and friends.

  4. Genevieve Says:

    USAA has terrific member services, and it had never occurred to me (in my little bubble of not-needing-to-know) how they handle same-sex marriages. Good for them. I’m proud of them.
    Yes, I do think our current laws on same-sex marriage will seem as bizarre in 40-50 years as the Loving v. Virginia laws do now. I look forward to that day and hope it’s much sooner than that.

  5. Ross Says:

    Just to flesh out the Civil Union argument that I made in the letter to the Times. Civil union should be available to all who want it and it should be a simple, legally enforceable contract, perhaps including both a 3 day buyers remorse provision and a “lemon” law return provision. Marriage should be a separate issue, and exchanging vows, can be done to meet the tastes of the consenting parties.

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