So do you think Bush will sign the Second Chance Act if Congress sends it to him?  God knows.  Worrying about consistency has never been his strong pont.

I’m just sickened that Bush is letting Libby off the hook. It’s not even that I’m so horrified that Libby won’t be going to jail.  If the judge had suspended his sentence pending appeal or something, I would have rolled my eyes, but would have basically forgotten about it the next week.  It’s the evidence that there’s no limit to Bush’s hubris, not from the rule of law, not from public opinion. 

It makes me feel like a dupe, like I was a sucker for ever arguing that we shouldn’t be demonizing the politicians whom we disagree with.

And it scares me, because this Administration has another year and a half to run its course, and at this point I truly believe that they are is capable of anything.  If those British sailors who were captured had been Americans, I think the sailors would be dead and we’d have used nukes on Iran by now.

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  1. amy Says:

    Happy 4th. C’mon, Elizabeth, 221 years, even Madison figured on maybe another 180 for the republic. Also Bush and the rest are no different than they were 7 years ago, except they figure even more now that they’re entitled, and there’s no reason to demonize when the reality’s plenty. I still think the Chinese antibiotics are a bigger problem.
    It’ll pass, we’ll get some fresh horror. Maybe even a Democrat. I can’t help but think of Robespierre when I see Hillary.
    Good poem, btw. Though I’m really not sure I want a lean mommy.

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