I went to the first PTA meeting of the year this evening.  I’ll admit it was nice to attend a PTA meeting where all the participants couldn’t fit at a single table.

I did find it a bit ironic that the evening’s presentation was on handling stress, with one of the main suggestions being to do less.  Now where would the PTA be if everyone listened to that message?

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  1. bj Says:

    Good question, isn’t it? I think it’s the same thing with work. The world runs on the folks who give extra and do more. I think the key is deciding whether something adds stress or pleasure to your own life when you make the decision to commit. The problem in making the decision is when an activity/committment adds stress to your life (PTA, possibly), but improves the life of someone you care about (your children, obviously, but maybe even other people’s children, or the world). Then what do you do?

  2. Jackie Says:

    The school I’m working in now had us read “CrazyBusy” over the summer, which has similar advice that would be impossible to fully absorb and still keep working there :).

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