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Thought I’d share two sites where I’ve been wasting far too much time:

Oooh, via Bitch PhD, here’s another fun site, an Implicit Association Test for the presidential candidates.  I took it, and it found that I had strongly positive attitudes towards Obama, with Huckabee, Clinton, and McCain (in that order) lower down.  I think it correctly captured the fact that the campaign has made me feel less favorably towards Clinton — I need to keep reminding myself that I think she’d be a darn good president.  And I’m not surprised that it said I like Huckabee more than McCain, even though I’d actually vote for McCain if I had to choose between the two.  I like Huckabee quite a bit, although I think he’d be a terrible president.

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  1. bj Says:

    I usually don’t hang out at the politico sites, but I’ve recently become a junkie. thanks for feeding my addiction 🙂
    I took the IAT — the problem with these versions is that they lack statistical significance on an individual basis, but the demos encourage people to use their own IAT ranking as describing their individual preferences. I for example, put the men pretty much smack dab in the middle of the IAT preference scale, and Hillary one step above them. My guess is that this makes my ranking useless — my preferences are “average”.
    (And, I’m Obama all the way, politically — the campaign has made me more negative about Hillary, and I too have to keep reminding myself that she’d make a fine president, and find myself talking other people down, as well).

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