I’m really not a football fan, but D’s teacher got him all excited about the super bowl, even though he’s never watched a football game, so we’re letting him stay up and hanging out watching it with him.  Fortunately she’s a Giants fan (or at least a Patriot’s anti-fan), because I’m not sure my brother would ever forgive us if D rooted again them.

I hope she’s a baseball fan too, because I’d really like some company to watch the ball games this summer.  I was a real baseball fan when I was a kid — I rooted for the Mets through some of the really bleak years in the 1980s, and was rewarded by the miraculous ’86 season — but haven’t been watching much lately.  I figured out last year that it’s because I don’t have anyone to watch with.

Well, I’m glad that D convinced us to watch.  That was a heck of a game.

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  1. TC Says:

    I HAVE told you that I was AT Game 6, haven’t I? And that I grew up in Flushing? And that my Mets Fandom was only outdone by my mom’s Mets Fandom (she made my old room a Mets Room when I left for college…we’re talking not just pennants and photographs, but a Mets clock and a Mets comforter and a Mets wastebasket and a Mets hamper and god only remembers what else). I lost them when I moved to LA nearly 14 years ago, and she lost them during that long strike year back in the 90s, but it was my LIFE for a while.

  2. K Says:

    Oh, don’t mention the ’86 season (Red Sox fan here) I was in Boston and a freshman in college then…and it was a dark, dark, October. The dorm next to mine started blasting “New York, New York” at full blast the minute it was over.
    We watched the game last night too. It was honestly the only football game I watched all season, so I think I picked well.

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