Tax Day Alert

From my friends at the Coalition for Human Needs:

On Tax Day, we ought to feel that we’re paying for a government that helps when a recession hits.

we’re in a recession.  The President opposes help to the unemployed and
others facing hardships.  Some in Congress want to do the right thing –
and some are mostly hearing from corporate lobbyists.  Who will prevail?

Call on Monday and Tuesday, April 14-15:  1-800-473-6711*
Tell your Representative and Senators to do more to reverse the recession – by helping those in need.

You can make the difference! Here’s how:

Call 1-800-473-6711* toll-free, and ask for each of your U.S. Senators and your Representative; tell them: 

I am a
constituent of Rep/Sen ___ and I am calling to urge him/her to do more
to reverse the recession.  Economists agree that the best way to boost
the economy is to help those in need.  That’s why he/she should support
extending unemployment insurance, more nutrition and home energy
assistance, and aid to states to prevent harmful cuts in health care
and other services. 

Economists of all stripes agree that the best
way to boost the economy is to put money into the hands of those who
will spend it quickly:  low- and moderate-income people.  But if
Congress only hears from corporate lobbyists, there will be more deals
that ignore the 80,000 who lost jobs and 20,000 who lost their homes
last month alone – as well as the millions who are going without because of skyrocketing food and energy prices.

 (For more information: see Towards Shared Recovery,

At tax time, it’s worth remembering that for 2007 millionaires each
average more than $114,000 for the tax cuts enacted since 2001.
They’re doing okay.  But the bottom half of U.S. families have seen
their income shrink during the same period, and the recession will make
things far worse for those whose incomes are low to middling.  Helping them helps all of us.

Need Help finding your Member’s name?

toll-free number is provided courtesy of the American Friends Service
Committee, a Quaker organization which works for peace and social
justice. AFSC welcomes groups to circulate and use the number in
support of non-partisan work for budget priorities that fund human
needs, not war and without linking the alert to a website that solicits
donations or is coordinated and/or publicized with actions used to
support or oppose any party or candidate for public office.


And here’s the paper my organization put out.

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