NASA Kids’ Club

We had some very impressive thunderstorms this afternoon, and the picnic we were going to attend to was canceled.  N had a party to attend, so I let D spend extra time playing on my computer.

I had promised to look on NASA’s web site for pictures from the new Mars lander, and we did find some fine images, but the hit of the day was the NASA Kids’ Club.  Lots of games with a space theme, some more overtly educational than others, organized by difficulty level.  You can send your name to the Moon.  And, new today, Buzz Lightyear travels with the shuttle to visit the space station.

I also signed D up for his own Galaxy Zoo account, and he passed the qualifying test with ease, but didn’t have patience to classify more than half a dozen or so objects.

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  1. dave.s. Says:

    go to the Cassini-Huygens site and show them pix of Saturn. And old Voyager pix of Jupiter and moons. Overwhelming.

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