Thrifty food plan — week 1

One week into our new attempt at following the thrifty food plan, we’ve spent $95.98 on groceries.  That includes a big shopping trip to Grand Mart (big Asian grocery store, with very low prices on produce) where we stocked up on veggies, and three separate trips to Harris Teeter, which is the closest supermarket.  We went there to get ingredients that we couldn’t find at Grand Mart, then to get cookies for D’s class party when we didn’t have power and couldn’t bake them as planned (electric oven), and then to get milk and jelly.  The good news is that we didn’t have to throw out any food due to the power outage.

We’re a bit ahead of budget, but we’re out of chicken nuggets, and so are likely to hit Costco this week.  And we rarely leave there spending less than $100…

It’s super hot now (high 90s) and supposed to stay that way for the rest of the week.  Some of the things that I had planned on making require the oven to be on, which doesn’t seem like a reasonable plan at the moment.

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