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So today was Car Free Day in the DC area.  Most of the time I drive to the metro, but I decided to give it a try.   I was a little concerned that it would mostly prove that public transit couldn’t handle a 10% increase in usage…

In the morning, I missed the express bus to the Pentagon, but caught the local that comes 10 minutes later.  Got to the Pentagon, and discovered that there was a disabled car between Foggy Bottom and Rosslyn.  So I took the Yellow line up into DC, then changed over to the Blue/Orange line.  If  I had gone my usual route, I would have been stuck on the Orange line until the bottleneck cleared.

In the evening, I was busily working when I realized that I should have left 20 minutes earlier if I wanted to catch the express bus from the Pentagon.  Ran out, saw the bus that goes from near my office to Columbia Pike, so hopped on it, and promptly got stuck in traffic.  Got home a good 40 minutes later than usual, although I did get to read all of both the Economist and Cookie magazine.  (Yes, I subscribe to both.  Take that micro-demographers!  But what I’d really like to know is why I’ve started receiving Field & Stream…)

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  1. liz Says:

    Sounds like your day was a mixed-bag but you came out ahead in terms of the morning commute!
    I love public transportation.

  2. Orson Says:

    Wow that’s really interesting. Did you take out the garbage when you got home?

  3. liz Says:

    Trip trap trip trap, who’s that coming over my bridge?

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