First day of school

It was a pretty uneventful first day of school around here.  Both boys are continuing at the same schools (preschool in N’s case) that they attended last year, so there was relatively little drama.  And the school bus even showed up on time.

It was an odd feeling for me to be standing around at the "parents’ coffee" at N’s preschool, looking at the teary-eyed parents of the younger children, and realizing that this is our last year of preschool. 

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  1. dave.s. Says:

    #1 started middle school today. Yikes! #2 and #3 back to elementary school, the usual photo of all the kids at the bus stop. Middle school… we got a message on the dress code: no gun references on the tee shirts, no cleavage, no midriff, nothing transparent. Transparent!!? it’s a whole new world…

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