Spot Shot

So, no sooner had I said that I wouldn’t do reviews of cleaning products, then on the same day one of our foster kitties pissed where he shouldn’t have and I got an email asking if I wanted to be on the MomCentral blog tour for Spot Shot, by the folks who make WD-40.  So here I am, eating my words.

So, the first question: does it work?  I was pretty impressed.  They sent with the sample a little square of carpet and tubes of chocolate syrup and ammonia that you can squeeze on to test it, but I tossed those and went for the real deal: the spot in N’s room where he puked blackberries all over the place last summer.  I can still see where the stain is, but it’s a lot better than it was before, and I’d tried a bunch of cleaners.  I didn’t actually try it on the cat piss, because when we tried it in a corner, it looked like it was picking up the upholstery dye, and we didn’t want to risk it.

The second question: is it really "environmentally friendly" as it claims?  I have absolutely no idea.  It didn’t smell like solvents, which I guess is good, but I don’t really know what’s in it, or how that compares to regular carpet cleaners.  I think the cleaning market is somewhere close to where organic food was 20 years ago — there are no standards, and so it’s hard to know whether what you’re getting is worth the price.  Is the fancy "green" window cleaner (which costs 4x more than the traditional blue stuff) anything more than vinegar and water and perfume?  Is rubbing alcohol considered environmentally friendly?  Beats me.

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