this week

So far this week:

  • I’ve had a severely upset stomach;
  • I managed to fall walking out of the house and sprain my ankle;
  • I managed to turn on the parking lights on my car without noticing, and so the battery was dead when I went to go to work this morning.

I’m really looking forward to having another 20 or 30 percent of my brain back after next Tuesday.

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  1. amy Says:

    Oh, sprained ankles are teh suck. I hope it wasn’t serious, Elizabeth.

  2. amy Says:

    Totally unrelated: Thrifty Mode is back on here, since my last project was cancelled, taking a third of next year’s income with it. But dag, Thrifty=Delicious, esp. when you start with lots of kitchen capital, instead of starting with a bachelor’s degree, and live near a giant herbs and spices farm. Mr. Scary Pumpkin is now soup:
    1/2 roasted pumpkin mashed with paprika and brown sugar
    1 onion (found on sidewalk)
    1/2 red pepper nearing retirement age
    1 sweet potato, not quite moldy
    1 yellow potato, not exactly firm
    around a cup of chicken stock (from Actual Chicken Carcass(tm))
    around 2 cups of veg stock
    3 cloves garlic (old? rubbery? who cares?)
    1/2 c. chopped tomato (rescued from child’s lunchbox)
    salt, cumin, paprika, thyme, mustard
    olive oil
    In gorgeous stockpot from Days of Wine and Credit, brown onions and garlic in oil. Add herbs, spices until pretty. Add stock to deglaze, add pumpkin and more stock. Cook a while till house smells good. While child brushes oil onto chunks of Mr. Pumpkin #2 and arranges on baking sheet, heat oven to 300F, bring water to boil and cook sweet potato and potato.
    When those are done, fish them out and put them in soup. Also tomato. Take Immersion Blender Which Shouldn’t Have Been Bought at That Price and smooth soup, then adjust seasoning. Add more salt. Put pumpkin chunks in oven and contemplate a Platonic pie.
    Yum. Serve soup with milk, salted roasted pumpkin seeds, peas, and tomatoes from the can you opened the other day. Child will eat it all, and so will you.

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