what I’m reading

I’ve been slowly working my way through Nixonland, and I’m reading Whatever It Takes for work, but you want to know what I’m really reading? (other than about a hundred blogs, but those don’t count, do they?)

  • Down River, by John Hart.  This was my book group’s pick, and since I was making it to book group for the first time in about six months, I figured I should read it.  I enjoyed it, and stayed up later than I should have in order to finish it, but can’t say that it was a particularly memorable book.  The plot kept moving nicely and the writing stayed out of the way.
  • Heart Shaped Box, by Joe Hill.  This is a book that I’d never have bought, since I’m not particularly a fan of horror stories.  But it showed up in the box of books that I got from Books4Barack and I started reading it, and got hooked.  Again, it’s not great literature.  But it was a good read, and not too scary.  I was actually somewhat reminded of Sharyn McCrumb’s Appalachian stories.

I guess I needed some downtime.  That’s ok.

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