It still takes my breath away to think that in just over a week, this man is going to be sworn is as President of the United States.  I'm sure he'll piss me off sometimes, but I really can't think of anyone else I'd rather have as President right now, even if there are people whose list of policies look closer to mine.

I think I've decided against taking the boys downtown, although it kills me a little to be so close and not to be there.  But we wouldn't be able to see a thing, and it's going to be cold, and they just don't have that much patience.  I took them to see him at the town meeting in Alexandria during the primaries, so they can tell their kids someday that they saw him.  (I'm told that my great-great grandmother Betsy Segal saw Mr. Lincoln when he came to New York to give his speech at Cooper Union and she was a little girl.)  One of my friends is having a kid-friendly party, so I think we'll go there, and watch on TV and wave flags, and read stories from Our White House.

I'm not going to any of the inaugural balls, but there are a couple of parties that I'm considering.  My boss is having a get together on the evening of the 20th, if I can figure out how to get to her house in Maryland from Virginia.

What are you doing?

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  1. Gori Girl Says:

    Working from home, if my boss will let me. Our office is right next to the Vienna metro, and I don’t want to even try to imagine craziness will probably be going on there.
    We might go into DC to join the throngs in the evening, though.

  2. Jackie Says:

    I have a blog post already queued up about this, but we ar having a kid-friendly party at our house that day, complete with Obama’s favorite chili recipe :).

  3. Marny Says:

    I’m thinking about going downtown Sunday for the “opening celebration” at the Lincoln Monument, if it’s not too cold. It might be a way to be part of the festivities without the craziness of the day itself. I went to the last rally of the campaign in Manassas (where I also didn’t see anything, but I did hear Obama speak), so I do feel I got my “piece of history” moment. I had planned to take Tuesday off but I didn’t right it on my calendar in time and a meeting got scheduled, so I guess I will be Tivoing the actual ceremony . . .

  4. dave.s. Says:

    The kids are getting the day off, and our offices are closed – we’re going to sit at home, make a fire, and watch on television. Lots of people are coming across the country for this, we will leave space for them at the parade. And, we are going to stock up on groceries two-three days in advance.

  5. Susan Says:

    They’re showing the inauguration on big screen TVs in the student center, and I”m closing down our office suite so we can all go over together and watch it. What a day it will be.

  6. Katherine Says:

    I’m going! I really wanted to bring my 4-year old but she would rather watch on TV with her friends at daycare, and I just can’t see forcing her to spend the day in the cold against her will. My 15-year old will be with me and we have a secret plan to find shelter if it gets too cold. Plus 10 pairs of disposable hand and foot warmers.

  7. une Says:

    God you people are idoits

  8. vanessa Says:

    Politics and Prose is having a little shindig, so I might go there. It is SO EXCITING here these days!

  9. jim Says:

    The District will be crazy. The road closures have already started: I went through the 12th st. tunnel this evening only to find 12th St closed at Constitution. Virginia is stationing National Guard at GMU’s Prince William Campus on Tuesday as a precaution, in case they need to aid with evacuation; they’ll use the campus to stage health care workers who might need to be brought in to inside the beltway hospitals, too. The authorities expect problems.
    Watch it on television.

  10. kathy a. Says:

    my funky local movie theater is hosting a free big-screen viewing, and i am thinking of heading over there.

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