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Did you know that there are horrific wildfires burning in Australia, with several small towns totally consumed?  Did you know that temperatures in Melbourne have been in the 115-range (Fahrenheit) over the past week?

I wouldn't have known either, except that I have an online friend who lives in Melbourne, and her parents live in Marysville, which is one of the towns that has been devastated.  She's been sitting up all night, posting reports. The last she heard, their house was one of the few still standing and the Red Cross reported that they had checked in.

I went looking on the Post and Times websites for more news, and all they're carrying is the AP and Reuters stories, although the Times does have a slideshow of the fires.
On the Australian newspaper's sites, it's the top story of course.

Just makes me think about how many things like this happen every day around the world, and that they don't qualify as news unless they're nearby, or unless we happen to know someone in the middle.  My thoughts and prayers go out tonight to all those who are in danger, or waiting for word from their loved ones, wherever they may be.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Of course I do – being Australian (although luckily not in Victoria, where the worst of it is). But thanks for mentioning it – it’s nice to have some thoughts from the other side of the world.

  2. dave.s. Says:

    We tend to notice, and remember, stuff that happens where there are ‘people like us’. After Sullenberger put the plane down in the Hudson, there were news articles – never happened before, so rare, etc etc. So here is: St Petersburg Water Landing:

  3. alwen Says:

    I’ve been on the lace-chat list since the mid-90’s, and I’ve often said that I’ve gotten more world news from there than I’d ever see or hear in the big broadcast media.

  4. Jody Says:

    I have my web homepage set to collect news feeds from those places where I live, so of course I learned about the fires right away (I lived in Newcastle, NSW in 1986-1987: Newcastle had terrible floods … just over a year ago? I’ve lost track of time). In general, the BBC covers more events worldwide than any US news provider, although in fairness, the CNN homepage had the fires as front-page news this morning.

  5. Amy Says:

    This was the first story I heard when I turned the radio (NPR) on today, and there were reporters from Australia being interviewed, not just one line mentioning the fires by the host.

  6. jim Says:

    The UK papers had fairly big stories about the fires and earlier smaller stories about record temperatures. I guess Britons think of Australians as being sort of like them (plus there’s a fair sized Australian expat community in London).
    But it’s true that “news” is a narrowly defined thing: there’s been a strike going on at French universities for a week now, and I haven’t seen a peep in any of the Anglophone press.

  7. liz Says:

    It’s a complete horror. I know that firefighters from around the world are going over there to help.

  8. urbanartiste Says:

    So far I have only read or watch news about this tragedy online. The fact that arson may be involved makes me expect the news stations would cover it. I also thought that since Australia is an ally to the US we would be concerned. NPR and BBC is the stations I listen or watch for world coverage.

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