I downloaded the Kindle software for my iPod touch.  I picked the Origin of Species as a free book to try.  My initial reaction is that the Kindle software slightly inferior as a reader to eReader, which is also a free download.  eReader allows for landscape orientation, and overall the text is somewhat easier to read.  (They've chosen an off-white background, which is a bit easier on the eyes, but I also just think that the font or something is slightly better.)  Kindle seems to have a better bookmark feature.

Of course, the big advantage that the Kindle has is Amazon.  There are far more books out for the Kindle than in eReader format, and the books that are available on both seem to generally be cheaper in Kindle format, sometimes significantly so.  eReader sells recent books for almost as much as the hardcover costs, and that seems like a losing proposition to me.  (Some of that may be because of what the publishers are demanding — my understanding is that Amazon actually loses money on most bestsellers, because they pay the publishers more than they make.)  Plus, Amazon is just a far superior user interface than the eReader store.  (Barnes and Noble actually just bought Fictionwise, which in turn owns eReader, but they plan to continue to operate the sites separately.)

I still have no plans to buy a Kindle until I can borrow library books to read on one.  But I might see if I can borrow one from a friend the next time I have a long trip coming up.

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Have you looked at Stanza? How does it compare? I was under the impression that Stanza can also read Kindle books, but I might be wrong about that.

  2. Robin F Says:

    I just got a sony eReader and it is great. I use Calibre to mange my books which is a free download. The Sony can read pdf and you aren’t tied into one site to buy books. Here in the UK the Kindle isn’t available with the wireless downloading so the fact that I download the books onto the computer first with the Sony isn’t a big deal. I just can’t wait to take my first vacation with it. Usually I lug a ton of books with me, and this time it will be just my little Sony.

  3. Char Says:

    Kindle on iPod is like listening to classical music on your car stereo system. It is convenient when you are driving but it sure ain’t the same quality as the at home on a dedicated ebook device feeling.
    iPhone does legitimatize eBooks however, long live Stanza

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