here’s the plan

I appreciated the kind responses to Thursday's post.  Here's the plan:

  • I'm paid up for TypePad through nearly the end of the year.  So there's no need to do anything immediately.
  • I'm going to give myself permission to blog when I feel like it and not to blog when I don't, and not to feel guilty about it.  We'll see if it works.
  • Before my TypePad account expires, my plan is to move the blog over to WordPress.  While the import function ino is quite impressive, there's not a way to preserve the current URL structure.  (In other words, all of the hyperlinks would be broken, even if I had pointed toward the new blog.)  However, it appears that I can do this if I run WordPress off my own site.  (Or to be fair, it appears that it can theoretically be done, and I have confident that T will be able to do it in practice.  On my own, probably not.) Since T is already paying for web hosting that can accomodate multiple domains, we should be able to do this at no or minimal extra cost.
  • Once I'm on WordPress, I'll have the option of adding extra authors (Typepad only allows this at its most expensive tier).  Extra authors might help preserve this commenting/reading community even when I'm posting less.

5 Responses to “here’s the plan”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Yay WordPress! I’ve really enjoyed being there, and I don’t even run it off my own site. I also *love* the idea of extra authors, and am timidly offering myself if you do adopt that idea…..

  2. Sandy D. Says:

    I’m glad you’ll still be around once in a while. With feed readers, there’s no need to apologize to your readers, either. We appreciate what we get, even if it’s just once a month.

  3. laura Says:

    Just do what you can, Elizabeth. I read all my blogs through the RSS feeder anyway, and always look forward to reading your posts. Moving really will break your links? Huh.
    After reading your post last week, I checked out wordpress. Why transfer? It doesn’t seem all that much better.

  4. liz Says:


  5. Madeleine Says:

    I’m late to the conversation, but would have said the same as everyone else. Your policy angle on personal issues is really valuable. I’m always happy to see a post in my RSS reader. But don’t post unless you want to. And yay that you seem to have reached that same conclusion.

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