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Between online banking and email, I rarely send old fashioned mail any more.  But today I found myself with a stack of envelopes (and one package) to send.  They included:

  • our property tax payment (which I might be able to make online, but for a twice a year payment, I haven't bothered to spend the time required to figure it out)
  • several checks for deposit (the flip side of going to an entirely online bank is that I need to mail in deposits, not including my paycheck, which is direct deposited; however, the bank gives us prepaid envelopes)
  • a RSVP card for a wedding
  • two condolence cards (both to former colleagues who lost a parent recently)
  • one Netflix envelope
  • two DVDs that Amazon sent to me by mistake along with some books that I did order (I asked them what they wanted me to do, and they sent me a prepaid label and asked me to mail them back).

What do you still mail?

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  1. jen Says:

    If it weren’t for Netflix I don’t think I’d ever mail anything! We receive new Netflix envelopes and a couple of magazines. My kids still get old-fashioned thank you cards in the mail, after birthday parties. Oh, and anything from church is still snail mail.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Every few months I clean out my stash of the kids’ school art, picking out the best pieces, and mail it to their aunt, who lives a continent away.

  3. Madeleine Says:

    Camp form for the one camp that doesn’t have online signup.
    Birthday party invitations (SG’s party was at a place that required a parent release form).
    Can’t think of anything else I’ve mailed in the last few months.
    But we got in the mail, in the past week and a half, three letters from Camp! That’s one more than we sent envelopes for, so Snuggly Girl wanted to write to us badly enough to mooch an envelope and stamp from someone, which surprised us.

  4. Susan Says:

    Postcards–I am working on sending a postcard a day to use up my postcard stash (some of which includes postcards my mother probably bought in the 50’s, others I bought in the ’80s). I don’t make that goal most of the time, but I probably send–or CG sends–something out to cousins or friend 3 times a week.
    Thank you notes, as appropriate, too. I love writing cards and notes, I love buying stamps, I love deciding what stamp to put on what envelope. Nerdy stationery lover, I guess.

  5. Sarah Says:

    The mortgage, the car payment (we still have a coupon book. I hate it. Our last car had an online option I liked better), and the doctor’s bills. I don’t know why I feel safer about the mortgage in the mail. Illogical, I’m sure.

  6. Jody Says:

    Almost nothing. The occasional bill for a service (gutter cleaning, generator maintenance company), some magazine-subscription bills (now I’m going to think, next time, about checking to see if they have a pay-from-checking option on their websites), and whatever letters or postcards the kids want to send to grandparents and friends.
    I had, oddly enough, been thinking that I should send more letters to friends. I very much miss that thrill of excitement when a letter came. But they would have to be very short, and then why not just e-mail? And yet….
    Also, there must be something in the air, because just like Susan, I came across several separate stashes of unused postcards and thought, hmmmm, I want to mail these out.

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