The slow melt

We’re almost 2 weeks out from the last of the snow, and it’s amazing how much is still left, even though it hit 50 degrees yesterday.

Our yard is still entirely white, with no patches of grass visible yet.  The truck that got stuck across the street before the storm is still there.  My office is on 15th street, and even though it is a snow emergency street (e.g. you’re not allowed to park on it during a storm), the entire parking lane on the other side of the street is still full of snow and ice.   Parking lots are still full of icebergs where the plows left them.  I had to climb a 2 foot pile of ice to feed the parking meter near the Building Museum on Saturday.

And don’t get me started on the potholes…

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Pam Basch Says:

    Next comes mud season

  3. Tracie Tricanowicz Basch Says:

    Sam discovered the snow melting trucks – would you like us to see if we can send you a couple?

  4. Pamela J Johnson Says:

    As you melt, we add to our previously sparse snow cover. Hoping for a decent amount.

  5. Jody Says:

    We drive often on a road that takes a lot of truck traffic. (The kids’ school and our favorite grocery store are connected by a road that goes right past the county landfill.) We were driving on it, six days after the snowfall down here, and I said to Spouse, “I don’t remember there being so many potholes!” And then I thought about how rarely there’s a freeze-thaw cycle in our state, and realized: duh.

    But even more shocking to my Minnesota mindset was the fact that the county has come out TWICE now to refill them (the first attempt was thwarted by another two inches of snow). Who DOES that? Fix potholes within WEEKS of their arrival? Totally bizarre.

  6. dave.s. Says:

    Hooray! More snow predicted! Winter wonderland!

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