Tonight I’m praying for the safety of the hostages in Beslan, Russia. I keep looking at the photographs of their families, looking at the drawn faces of people who haven’t slept, who can’t do anything but wait, and imagining myself in their shoes. At work, I found myself repeatedly checking the news headlines to see if anything had changed.

I knew when I had children that I’d be letting myself in for sleepless nights worrying about them. I didn’t know how much I’d be worrying about all the children of the world. I have to shut myself away from the news some days in order to function.

I realized tonight that some of my recent stress and anxiety is probably related to the upcoming anniversary of September 11. I really hate that every cool sunny fall day makes me think of the attacks. It was such a beautiful day.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m glad(?) I’m not the only one hoping for those children still waiting to be found in rubble and the mothers waiting for any news. I can’t help but feel real empathy for them leaving me light headed and dazed as I try to function today. How has the world become so harsh that people are attacking innocent children? There’s a special place in Hell for those people.

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