Hi. I did write a book review last night, about Helen Simpson’s “Getting a Life,” but then I did something wrong and the computer swallowed it. I’ll try again, maybe next week, maybe sooner. Right now I’m feeling like I need to spend a little more time on my own life, a little less time on this blog. Tracking down all the paperwork needed to get my son registered for preschool and for the speech services he gets from the public school is taking far too much energy.

Ok, blog ettiquette question. As soon as I posted Monday night, I had some more thoughts on the topic that I wanted to add — in particular, I realized that I blurred together not wanting to be on the high-stress grab the bronze ring track and not taking work seriously. What’s the etiquette on going back and revising, versus adding a new post with additional thoughts? I get the impression that someone receiving the blog over a RSS feed might never see the edits; is that right?

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  1. KC Lemson Says:

    Most RSS readers will download it again and the user will see the edits. The trick is that some RSS readers will create an entirely new item for each edit (presumedly this is seen as a feature so that you can tell what changed), so the more times you edit a post, the more copies they get.
    My two cents: It’s fine to edit a post once or twice or even five times. But if every post is edited five times, that can get annoying depending on the RSS aggregator used. I believe newsgator defaults to multiple items per edit.

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