Home again

Home from New York.  We had a good time — ate some wonderful matzoh ball soup, caught up with some old friends, ran along the great new riverfront path on the West Side, visited the dinosaurs, and attended the Blog Sheroes meetup.

Nichelle liveblogged the event, including links to all of the attendees’ blogs.  I see that Lindsay (Majikthise), Elayne (Pen-Elayne), and Carolyn (Instructions to the Double) have already posted about it as well.  I was a little intimidated walking into the place, but soon felt very welcome.  (And the place wasn’t as terminally hip as I had feared.)  Topics of conversation included how we got into blogging, shoes, how many of us were high school or college debaters, animation, mutilated Barbies, our freaking cute kids, academia, and birth stories. 

2 Responses to “Home again”

  1. Elayne Riggs Says:

    I didn’t blog about it as of your writing it, but I have now – in fact, I put up pictures!

  2. liza sabater Says:

    The meeting rocked! We’re having it there next time as well, but in the summer I’m fixing for a picnic. See in May!

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