The road home

We had a nice visit with my family in NYC, but I’m happy to be home again.  Doubly happy not to have any more road trips planned for at least a couple of months.  We got stuck in ugly traffic on I-95 on the way home, and we were all pretty frazzled by the time we got home.

The boys are actually about as good travellers as you could hope for.  They both nap well in the car, and they entertained each other for hours making noises back and forth (Ahhh — beee– pthhffff).  D. has reached the stage where he can give me a reasonable amount of warning when I need to find a bathroom.  And they were even fairly gracious and didn’t whine when the portable DVD player broke down mid-trip and so they couldn’t watch Here Come the ABC’s.

When we bought the DVD player, we paid for the 4 year extended warranty, so T. took it back to Best Buy this afternoon.  They listened to his explanation, then told him to go ahead and pick out a new one.  For the same price, we now get a larger screen, and an included car-mount case.  The catch is that the warranty ends once they replace the player (rather than repair it), so we lose the 2+ years remaining on the warranty.  We went ahead and paid the extra for another 2 year warranty; the new one has a rotating screen that looks pretty flimsy, so we’re guessing we’ll get another replacement before it expires.


Oh, while I was off-line, I seem to have missed Grrl and Sarah’s birthstory.  And her old posts aren’t available any more, due to weird people stealing her words.  Feh.

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  1. Cynical Says:

    I know, I was so bummed to check chezmiscarriage recently and not see any archives! *@(#$*@$# bastiches who drive bloggers to do such things. Double whammy since she didn’t have an RSS feed so I don’t even have any of the classics saved locally. I hope she returns to blogging about whatever the heck she wants to blog about, because I suspect it’ll be interesting regardless of the topic.

  2. landismom Says:

    I don’t understand what drives people to do things like that. Weird!
    Glad to hear that you had a good vacation.

  3. Maura in VA Says:

    I missed grrl and Sarah’s birthstory, too – was totally bummed to see her post on taking a break from blogging, and not even have the archives to console myself with!
    (Do you think she’ll ever put the archives back up? Her blog is priceless…)

  4. Jody Says:

    There have been whispers — strenously denied — that Grrl has fielded an offer or offers to publish in book form. Some of the writer-bloggers theorize that the non-stealing no-archival policy also serves, usefully, to protect the material’s value for that future publication.
    These are, as much as they can be, SUPPORTIVE whispers. They’re not meant to suggest that Grrl is doing anything underhanded.
    If you want to search the old archives (before Grrl adopted the fast withdrawal policy), just do a google search on something like her handle — getupgrrl — with entered first. It only works for the older entries — Grrl’s new policy was to withdraw the posts before google cache caught them.

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