Lt. Governor candidates, etc.

Any one want to make an argument for why I should support Viola Baskerville or Leslie Byrne for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor?  They both seem to be solid liberals, but I haven’t heard a convincing case yet for why I should support one over the other. 

Playing the "follow the money" strategy, the one thing that jumps out at me from the VPAP data is that Byrne is clearly the choice of organized labor

Speaking of money, I had previously noted that in the delegate race for the 45th, Mandela had received 2/3 of her money from a single donor.  According to the Virginia2005 blog, it’s from her boyfriend and she’s using it to buy cable TV ads.  (The things I miss by having TiVo.)

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  1. dave s Says:

    Byrne is personally unpleasant. Fifteen years ago the legislature redistricted and made a district in Fairfax to be a solidly Dem district for her, and she managed to lose it to Tom Davis, who has had it ever since. She has kind of the political Midas touch in reverse. She won a State Senate race when the Reeps split between a moderate (Jane Woods? protege of Tom Davis) and a far-rightist(I forget who that was), then lost it when the Reeps got their act together again. So I see her as someone, who, if she got nominated, would probably think she was en route to coronation as Gov., then would lose it.
    I don’t know anything at all about Baskerville, so I will likely vote for her because she is not Byrne.

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