So, now that the 2008 election season is officially over, it must be time for the Virginia Governor's race to get started– we're one of the few states that does governor's elections on the odd years.  I have absolutely no idea which of the three Democratic candidates I'll support — anyone reading here want to make a case for your favorite?

Since we've got a single term limit, Kaine can't run for reelection.  And since both Senate seats are now held by Democrats, he can't run for Senate, which has been the main goal of former governors in recent years.  No idea what he'll do next.

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  1. dave.s. Says:

    Well, I’m disposed against Moran because of his brother. That’s not very fair, is it? I’m disposed against Terry Mac, because he’s Terry Mac. That leaves Deeds. I should find out more about Moran The Lesser before I tag him with the sins of Moran The Greater, really. What will Kaine do? Well, somebody will want to move on, or get pushed out, from the Obama Administration by then, and he has by all reports a good friendship with Obama.

  2. SamChevre Says:

    Moran made remarks in 2007 that were widely considered anti-Semitic about Israel and its lobbying efforts. Google Moran Hoyer Israel and you should find it easily.

  3. jim Says:

    I’m not terribly enthused about any of them. I know nothing about Deeds, but am afraid of what a non-Northern VA governor might think is an acceptable compromise. Moran is just blah. If MacAuliffe (sp?) can persuade me he can actually run something (as opposed to raising money), I might vote for him.
    This doesn’t help much, does it? Are there any partisans?

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Sam, the AIPAC comments were Jim Moran, not Brian. Jim’s the Congressman, Brian’s the member of the House of Delegates (and the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus). Jim’s the brother that Dave’s comment refers to.

  5. liz Says:

    I met the three of them recently and will be supporting Moran in the primary. He’s gone out of his way to meet folks in my neck of the woods and, particularly, to talk to the elected officials here about what the county needs from the state.
    I also like what Moran has to say about healthcare.

  6. dave.s. Says:

    It’s worth noticing the effects of Virginia’s decision to have its big elections in the off years from national elections – our state government is elected by the voters who care the most about it specifically, and not as an afterthought by voters who have gone to the polls excited about national issues. From what I read, this really sheltered the Byrd machine from effective scrutiny for many years. At this point, I think it cuts in favor of the Reeps. It will be an interesting election.

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