Politics:  Hey! Both the candidates I was supporting won: David Englin for the Democratic nomination for the 45th district seat in the House of Delegates and Leslie Byrne for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor.  The 45th is a solidly Democratic district, so Englin should be a shoe-in for Delegate.  Byrne will have a harder time. 

Byrne’s pretty liberal for Virginia, and some naysayers over at Virginia2005 have been whining that she’ll drag Kaine down.  I think that’s wrong — Virginians are quite comfortable ticket-splitting.  She’ll definitely help mobilize the liberal base (like me!) who otherwise would have said "eh" about the ticket.  And while we’re in the voting booth, we’ll choke down our misgivings about Kaine’s position on choice, and vote for him because he’s a lot better than Kilgore.

Running: My track group did our time trial tonight.  I ran a 3:33 for 800 meters, which I think is quite respectable — especially since it was about 90 degrees.

Baseball:  The Nationals got creamed last night, 11-1, bringing to end their 10 game winning streak.  Listened to a few innings of the game on the radio, but it was only 2-0 when I went to bed.  Oh well, an important rule of baseball is that you’re never as good as you look when you’re winning or as bad as you look when you’re losing.  Hmmm, not a bad lesson for politics either.

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  1. dave s Says:

    You are gonna have SUCH a case of buyer’s remorse over Byrne. She is Mary Sue Terry without the charm&charisma. This nomination will NOT do the Dems a bit of good. If she gets elected – not very likely – she will think she is the inheritor to run for governor, which is a guaranteed recipe for four more years for the Reeps.
    Englin, on the other hand, is clearly the better guy for the Dems. As a parent of kids in the Arlington schools, I was hoping to be rescued from Garvey, but Englin is much more in touch with issues, and if he’s willing to stay in the legislature for God-knows-how-long til the majority comes back, he will do the party a lot of good.

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