I’m so excited.  Not about the Oscars, about the Koufax awards.  They’re finally open for voting.  (Not that I’m complaining about the delay — they’re a major effort to put on, and a total work of love.)

I’ve been nominated in two categories: Most Deserving of Wider Recognition and Best Series for my posts on work-family issues.  I think this is a preliminary round of voting, and then there will be another round after they’ve narrowed the nominees down. I know that some of my other favorite blogs — Bitch, PhD, Geeky Mom, Feministe, Pandagon, Majikthise — have been nominated as well.  I think Pharyngula gets my vote for best single post.  I know that there are lots of other great blogs out there.  Please vote for your favorites.

About those Oscars.  I might TiVo them.  Not seeing the movies takes a lot of the fun out of it. Of the movies up for major awards, Brokeback Mountain is the only one I’ve seen.  I’ve seen two of the three nominees in the animated picture category.  (We took the boys to see Wallace and Grommit, but saw Corpse Bridge on our own.  Yes, we’re geeks.)  I’ve also seen King Kong, March of the Penguins, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the last two on video).

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  1. cupofjane Says:

    See Good Night and Good Luck. Absolute must for all poltical junkies. And Crash, it’s another must see. Little bit of a spoiler: the kid at the end is going to be okay (my 5 year old girl looks a lot like the kid in the mvoie and I turned my head and gasped through a torrent of tears when I thought something bad was going to happen to the little girl but she is okay)
    I rarely recommend movies but those two are truly important.–imp

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