picks of the year (a bit late)

I thought I had posted this at the end of 2006, but I just found it in my draft posts.  Whoops.  Anyway, better late than never, here are my picks for my favorite posts of last year (and why). 

  • Fair, not kind.  The right word matters.
  • The Endless To Do List.  I really like these posts where I pull together ideas from lots of different places.
  • TBR: The Woman at the Washington Zoo. In too many of my book reviews this year, I feel like I simply recapped the thesis of the book.  I think I did a better job on this one.
  • School spending.  I haven’t done as many data-driven posts since I’ve changed jobs (since they take a lot of time to research), but this is a post where I really learned something in the process of looking up the data.
  • Why register with the state? One where I feel like I added to the dialogue in a productive way.
  • School round-up.  This was not necessarily one of my best posts of the year, but it summed up probably the best conversation of the year, taking place here, in the comments, and in other people’s blogs.

Here’s what I did as a roundup last year [2005, that is] and in 2004.

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