Looking back: 2007

Jody reminded me of the meme I did last year where you post the first line of the first post of each month.  It’s an easy post to do on a night where I’m distracted watching the caucus results.

  • I’m usually into New Year’s resolutions, but somehow can’t come up with
    ones this year that I’m both excited about and can really commit to.
  • Feeling frazzled, so you get some bullets tonight.
  • So, N’s preschool has a casino night/auction every year as its major fundraiser.
  • Ok, I’m coming really late to this discussion, but I really liked Penguin Unearthed’s comments on the research about how it’s better to praise effort than results.
  • We’re in the new house.
  • Jody and Phantom Scribbler and chicago mama all have thoughtful posts up about the NYTimes article about redshirting kindergarteners.
  • N is at a stage where he desperately wants to be a big boy, or even an adult.
  • I wanted to pick up on Dave S’ last comment about the role of peer groups and selection in schools.
  • I’m still on the email list for D’s old school, because I still care a lot about the students and the school.
  • Some interesting conversation going on at 11d, Asymmetrical Information, and Raising WEG about the ethics of hiring people to clean your house.
  • Based on a few posts that looked interesting from the TPM Cafe bookclub, I requested Daniel Brook’s The Trap.
  • T and I got a babysitter last night and went out to a preview showing of The Golden Compass last night.

What strikes me most in looking at this list compared to the previous  year’s is that I’m posting more about my personal life, and more about schools, less about work-family issues per se.  Some of it is that after 3+ years of blogging, the audience I have in my mind when I write is no longer a random stranger from the blogosphere, but the group of commenters who post here regularly. So I figure that you’re at least somewhat interested in what’s going on in my life.  I also feel like I may have run about things to say about the mommy wars…

2 Responses to “Looking back: 2007”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I’m done with the mommy wars too. I’m more into schools stuff now too, since I’ve got two kindergarteners.
    Writing for an audience is one of the tasks at which blogging is supposed to be superlative, so I think it’s a natural direction to take.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I’m certainly still enjoying your blogging – even though I have a bloglines feed for home, I still sometimes check it at work **just in case**.
    I’d noticed you were doing fewer of your posts about poverty type issues – hopefully that’s because you get to write more of it at work these days?

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