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We’ve been receiving a torrent of mailings and autodialed calls about tomorrow’s primary for the open 11th Congressional district seat.  I’m going to vote for Byrne.  I think the mailings (from Women Vote, not Byrne) calling him a war profiteer were pretty over top, but I do find it a little queasy-making that he works for a defense contractor in "community relations" while chairing the Fairfax Board of Supervisors.  And fundamentally, the only criticisms I’ve heard about Byrd are that she’s "divisive" (e.g. has opinions) and is "shrill" (e.g. has opinions and is female).

There’s been lots of talk about Jim Webb as a possible running mate for Obama.  I’m not nearly as opposed to him as Kathy G.  While he’s said some incredibly stupid things about women in the past, from listening to him during both his Senate race and as Senator I believe that he’s truly learned since then (and not just gotten PC drummed into him).  And he’s been consistently out there on the economic justice issues I care about.  But he’s a dreadful campaigner — he won in 2006 because it was a tidal Democratic year and because George Allen couldn’t keep his foot out of his mouth, not because of his own campaigning.  And I’m not at all confident that the Dems could keep his seat if he vacated it.  (Well, unless the Republicans keep nominating the likes of Jim Gilmore.)

I can’t say I’m particularly enthusiastic about Tim Kaine as a running mate either.  He’s a nice guy and a solid governor, but I don’t really think he brings the evangelical vote with him, and he’s not someone I particularly associate with changing the way Washington works.

Here’s my wild and crazy VP suggestion:  Coleen Rowley.

Who’s your VP suggestion?

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  1. jim Says:

    We’re in the 8th CD (Jim Moran’s seat) and there are both R & D primaries tomorrow. One of the Republicans (Ellmore) describes himself as a “George W. Bush Republican, a compassionate conservative who believes in active government to enforce Christian values.” So I’m going to take a Republican ballot so that I can vote against him.

  2. Angry Pregnant Lawyer Says:

    I will be so happy when this race is over. Byrne’s folks have rung my doorbell twice, and I’ve gotten countless calls. I have to say, I’m not a big fan of either Connolly or her. (But that government contractor ad of Byrne’s was terrible–and not well-calculated, given her desired constituency of a high percentage of government contractors!) My husband’s actually voting for the third guy (whose name I don’t even know) just to register his disapproval with the choices.
    About to watch Webb on The Daily Show…

  3. bj Says:

    I don’t think veep candidates bring much in the way of a vote with them, so the criterion I want Obama to use in picking a veep is to pick someone who he can work with, who believes in him and who has executive experience. I got those vibes from Kaine when the Potamac primaries were happening, but I know nothing more about him. I think that we shouldn’t give up any senate seats, which eliminates Webb & Warner as far as I’m concerned.
    So who? Richardson is still on my list. Strickland potentially, even though he wasn’t an early supporter. I’m having a tough time suggesting women, because I do think that will bring up all the white men’s “affirmative action vibes.” But, I don’t think that should drive the decision, if a woman fits the other criteria. Gregoire? Sibelius? Clinton? (Though I really don’t want Clinton to take it. Even though I’m an Obama supporter, it would hurt to see her in the second place spot again).
    And, given our already wild and crazy presidential nominee pick, I’d rather not pick a wild and crazy veep candidate as well!

  4. dave.s. Says:

    Someone asked LBJ about his choice keeping J Edgar Hoover. He said, ‘I want him inside the tent, pissing out’. That’s about the only reason I can think of for Obama to pick Clinton. She has a lot of strong supporters, but at the end of the day, they have no place to go but to Obama. And there are a lot of folks (I am one) who can’t stand her and don’t want her in public office. He needs someone whom he can trust and with whom he can have a relationship like that between (Bill) Clinton and Gore for the first term, or Bush and Cheney. Probably that’s a governor, too, as Obama can use that kind of experience, which he lacks.
    I would think a Southern governor would be a good bet, which sounds like Kaine or Bredesen.
    Byrne managed to lose (to Tom Davis) in a congressional district which had been designed just-for-her by VA Dems. So if I were voting in that district and wanted to ensure a Dem pickup, I would vote for Connolly. At least in the past, she has had foot-in-mouth disease pretty badly.

  5. jen Says:

    Did you hear David Brooks on NPR last week? He was arguing for Tom Daschle as a running mate for Obama: someone who is good at working with the legislative branch. Plus they both radiate that calm and resilient optimism that is, IMHO, the most compelling part of Obama’s message. It makes no sense as a political move but when it comes to governing well could conceivably make some sense.

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