idle speculation

So, if McCain doesn’t show up for the debate tomorrow night, will they let Obama answer questions on his own for an hour and a half?  That would be awesome.

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  1. Lynnie Says:

    If McCain is not able to attend the debate, shouldn’t his VP choice naturally be the one to take his place? I would LOVE to see a debate between Obama and Palin.

  2. bj Says:

    ” I would LOVE to see a debate between Obama and Palin. ”
    If it were really true that Obama/McCain couldn’t attend, it would make a lot of sense for the vp’s to step in. That’s what they’re for, right?
    I never thought we should assume that Sarah Palin isn’t smart, just, say, ’cause she didn’t go to Harvard law. But, the fact that the people advising her (i.e. her McCain campaign handlers) won’t let her answer questions is making me start to worry that she might actually be unprepared, and more importantly, not have the ability to catch up and learn.

  3. urbanartiste Says:

    I watched the Couric interview with Palin and was astounded at her lack of knowledge and inability to answer a question on point. Paul Krugman said it best this morning on Democracy Now -her answers were like a college student that is unable to write the essay and writes roundabout nonsense just to get through it. I think a freshman at Columbia could answer these questions better because they would have an opinion.
    Her job as governor of Alaska should give her some ability to provide quality answers. I think the McCain camp is preventing her from answering questions honestly. And when one is outside of Washington and has relatively little experience it is easy to be manipulated.

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