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I don't want to jinx us, and I certainly don't want to make light of the H1N1 flu, which has knocked several people of my acquaintance on their backsides, but so far this fall my family has been far less sick than in the average year.  And it's not just me — Fairfax county schools are reporting a 3.6 percent absenteeism rate, down from an average of 4.03 percent.  My theory is that everyone is being so good about washing hands, and not coming to work/school when they're sick, that they're passing around a lot fewer colds than usual.

[For the record, we did get both boys vaccinated last weekend.  The Fairfax health department mass clinic was amazingly efficient.   Vaccines have not yet been available for non-priority populations in this area, so neither T. nor I have been vaccinated.]

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Glad to hear it. Interestingly (given all the debates I’ve seen on US blogs about vaccination for children) here in Australia the vaccination isn’t available for the under 12s.

  2. dave.s. Says:

    We all had H1N1 two weeks ago – we think. That is, we had had the kids vaccinated against seasonal at the drug store, I had been vaccinated at work, and then all three kids got flu during the week and, as they were recovering on the weekend, my wife and I got flu. The pediatricians didn’t want to see us (‘do not darken our doors’) since treatment was no different between swine and seasonal, we were instructed how to know if we were in danger (we never were) and after a few unpleasant days, we were all well again. So – high likelihood we have had it, but not certain, and when our kids’ numbers come up for vaccination at school, they will get it.

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