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Well, moving over to a non-hosted blog turned out to be a bit more of a challenge than I had hoped, and we still haven’t gotten the permalinks sorted out, but at least Half Changed World is again pointing to something that I can more or less control.  Not sure if anyone is still reading, though.  So if you’re there, please say hi and let me know what you’re thinking about these days.  And if you know anything about self-hosted wordpress sites, I’d love to pick your brain.

I’m now in the middle of three different books, one as an audiobook, one on the Kindle I got for the holidays, and one on old fashioned paper.  So, I could post about the books, or about the different media, if there’s any interest.

Today’s Post Magazine had an article that tries to address the question of how is possible that time use studies suggest that working mothers have plenty of leisure, while none of us feel like we have any.  We’ve talked about that here before, but I can take another crack at it.

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