trying again

Ok, hopefully this time it will work for real.  We’re still trying to get the permalinks to work (wordpress and typepad have slightly different default structures), but you can always try the search box in the sidebar.  Update: I think they’re working.  If you run into any broken links, please let me know.

Other than the conversion issues, I’ve been very impressed with WordPress — if I were starting a new blog now, I would definitely go with for free hosted blogs with nearly all the functionality that TypePad charges for.  (The only thing I found was that you can’t have ads on, and you do need to pay for custom domains.)

In case anyone was wondering, the main issue was that, which is the hosting company T was using because they bought up his previous provider, doesn’t actually support multiple domains/sites on a single account unless you go to their much more expensive line.  We switched to InMotion Hosting and did in an afternoon what we had wasted hours upon hours trying to do previously.  Obviously, can charge what they want, but it’s maddening that none of their customer service agents could tell us what the problem was.  If they had just said “you can’t do that with this account,” we’d have been fine.  But instead they kept on telling us the problem was with GoDaddy (where my domain is registered) or that we hadn’t given the change enough time to propagate.   They’ve got terrible online reviews, and deservedly so.   A secondary issue, of interest only to others who are switching from Typepad to another site, is that you need to turn domain mapping off from the premium site, as there’s no way to do it from the free site.  I assumed that downgrading to the free version (which doesn’t support domain mapping) would do it automatically, but that’s not the case.

7 Responses to “trying again”

  1. dave.s. Says:

    welcome back

  2. Jackie Says:

    Hello again! Glad you’re feeling more settled. I have really loved my experience with, and would definitely use them for hosted blogs as well.

  3. kathy a. Says:

    hi! glad it is back up!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Very nice to have you back. And welcome to wordpress. I’ve liked in the two years I’ve been here (although I don’t do anything sophisticated with my blog – even a domain name felt like too much hassle).

  5. carosgram Says:

    Well worth the wait to have you back.

  6. Madeleine Says:


  7. Nan Says:

    Hello, Elizabeth – GREAT to see you back at it! I look forward to your insights and analysis once again.

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