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For several years, I’ve reported on the NY Times list of 100 notable books of the year, and which ones I’ve read.   The first year I did it, I had read (or at least started) eight of the 100, but I’ve never gotten above five since, and this year I’m down to 3:

I don’t think I’m reading less these days, but I’m probably reading less non-fiction (other than for work) and less “literary fiction.”   I’ve been reading more mysteries, more sci-fi, and more young adult novels.

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  1. Jody Says:

    I read Henrietta’s story purely on your recommendation, and agree with your glowing review and its place on all best-books lists.

    I read One Day and … well, I can’t discuss it much without spoilers all over the place. I read it in one gasping inhalation. I think just about anyone our age would enjoy it, it’s a fast read but frequently heartbreaking in its tale of missed communications and lost opportunities. And then the ending may or may not infuriate you.

    I tried to read Super Sad True Love story but couldn’t/didn’t finish it. I have almost no patience for distopian novels anyone and then the writing was Too Precious.

    I bought and started Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years. I’m enjoying it, but it is HUGE and I don’t have time for that. Give me some light fiction, please. (Outlander and Georgette Heyer, step right up.)

    Three of the books on that list were written by men who were up at Oxford with me. Sigh.

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