Want to run for the House of Delegates?

Unchallenged Republicans in Northern Virginia:

Via the Women’s Information Network and the Virginia Grassroots Coalition:

As far as we know, two Republican members of the House of Delegates, Gary Reese in the 67th District and Tom Rust in the 86th District are currently running unopposed.   Both these districts are on the Fairfax/Loudon County border. If you live in one of those districts and would consider running for Delegate, or if you think you can recruit someone, contact Jim Edwards-Hewitt and he’ll get you hooked up with the Fairfax Democrats.  As we all know, it’s important  to contest every race, even in areas that lean Republican, both to make each Republican spend money (and keep them from raising money for other Republicans), to put Democratic issues on the table, and to take advantage of any unexpected opportunities.

EMILY’s List Candidate Training

On March 18th and 19th, EMILY’s List will be offering a terrific training opportunity for pro-choice Democratic women in Virginia.  We would like to extend an invitation for you to participate in the training.

As you may know, EMILY’s List is a political donor network and political resource for pro-choice Democratic women candidates. EMILY’s List has initiated a program designed to recruit and train women to run for and serve in elected office in the states.  Whether you are currently serving on the school board, or in the State Assembly, or if you are just beginning to think about running for elective office, we are certain this training will provide you with the skills and inspiration you need.

The program will begin on the evening of March 18th with a welcome dinner and short session.  Saturday, March 19th will be filled with training on fundraising, message development, direct mail and other important campaign issues.  

The program, including materials and meals is free, however space is limited.  Partial participation is not possible- you must commit to attending the full program in order to be allocated a seat at the training.

For details, contact Kate Coyne-McCoy

[My district’s wonderful Delegate, Marian Van Landingham, isn’t running for reelection due to personal health issues.  For about 24 hours, I considered trying to run myself, but since there are already about six Democrats running for the seat, I decided it wasn’t worth quitting my job to run.]

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