Misc political notes

  • Tuesday is a special election, to choose a new chair of the Fairfax Board of Supervisors, replacing Gerry Connolly who is now in Congress.  Special elections can be crazy, because turnout is generally low and so small groups can affect the results.  Fairfax county's budget is probably bigger than several states.  I strongly support Sharon Bulova, as does the Washington Post. Vote Tuesday, Feb 3, 6 am to 7 pm, at your regular polling place.
  • I received a long phone survey tonight that led me to the definite conclusion that Kaye Kory (who represents this district in the Fairfax school board) is considering challenging Delegate Bob Hull in the primary.  A quick google search found that both Not Larry Sabato and the Falls Church News think she is running against him.  Then again, NLS thought she was running two years ago.  I told the pollster that I didn't know which one I'd support.  I have no idea what, if any, policy differences there are between them.
  • Still don't know who I'm supporting for Governor.

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  1. urbanartiste Says:

    I think more needs to be done about these Wall Street bonuses besides a stern talking. I am no longer buying the argument that if the banks went down the country would be worse off. The bailout that was approved is being done in installments and Obama needs to put it to a halt. How people are not protesting on Wall Street is beyond me.

  2. dave.s. Says:

    John Kass is hoping we will all here more from Blago: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/chi-kass-30-jan30,0,4065605.column
    it would certainly be swell if some sunlight shone on parts of Chicago politics. On the bonuses – the old argument was that they were necessary for retention, and I think it was a good one, in the heat of the Former Good Times your good guys/gals could be hired away from you.
    In the Current Unpleasantness, not so much – no one has attractive other options. So, the argument for bonuses as something which helps the company has become less plausible. And, we are shovelling money at those guys, so they are working for us.
    Reminds me of the great old Wall Street joke: ‘Over there are the brokers’ yachts’ ‘Oh, and where are the customers’ yachts?’

  3. urbanartiste Says:

    Can someone explain to me exactly what these bonuses are for? There are very few jobs anymore that even dole out bonuses. And the banks are not making loans that available, so it seems they are pocketing the money to a small percentage at the top. There seems to be an aura around Wall Street of take as much money now as one can because who knows what will be tomorrow.
    During the Bush administration the distance between the wealthiest and the poorest grew enormously and all Democrats seemed to talk about was the disappearing middle class. Some of these finance people should pull out a history book and read about notable revolutions (many of which were about wealth disparity) and maybe that will stop the greed. If the economy keeps on tanking and, god forbid, a depression occurs, socialized programs will grow out of necessity. I think they would be difficult end, especially in light of some recent events such as Katrina and 9/11. Some of them like social security are impossible to get rid of. Add the economy into it and I think many people would be comfortable with the government taking the reins of personal responsibility.

  4. dave.s. Says:

    New Republic has an article by someone who has clearly fallen for Terry Mac: http://www.tnr.com/politics/story.html?id=9e430140-7bad-4e99-95e3-882d138fbcf6&p=1
    I tend to think him a jerk, and that he wouldn’t win the general. Dunno. My precinct captain likes Creigh Deeds.
    Staggering statistic in the New Republic article – that divorce rate for parents of autistic children is 85%.

  5. dave.s. Says:

    It’s interesting that McDonnell is further ahead of Deeds than of either of the others: http://www.examiner.com/x-2304-DC-Republican-Examiner~y2009m2d6-Obama-Backlash-Republican-McDonnell-leads-all-Dems-for-Virginia-Governor – I have thought of Deeds as the most likely to win statewide. Maybe I need to adjust my thinking, or maybe it’s that it’s early yet.

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